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How do I earn $25 in cash for each friend and neighbor I refer?

You can refer unlimited friends and neighbors, and earn $25 for each new customer who signs up for new Bincense service. Bincense will mail a check to you for each friend or neighbor you refer. You earn $25 for each new customer, and only when they first sign up. The friend or neighbor simply types in your first and last name for you to receive a $25 check. You do not earn additional money when the customer renews their subscription, or if the customer cancels before the service requirements are met. In other words, if a friend signs up for quarterly service and cancels after the first cleaning, you will not receive a referral fee.

What areas do you currently service?

Bincense services the Dallas area including the M-streets, Lakewood, East Dallas, Forest Hills, University Park and Highland Park. In 2018 we will expand to other Dallas neighborhoods and other cities in the DFW metroplex.

What if I leave trash or recyclables in my bins?

Our crews will do their best to clean your bin if they can remove a trash bag. If there is too much trash for our receptacle, we will re-schedule our cleaning visit. If we have to re-schedule more than five times, we will cancel the service.

Do I have to make an annual commitment? Are there cancellation fees?

Bincense does not require an annual commitment. We offer one-time cleanings and quarterly cleanings for residential customers and commercial clients.” to “Bincense does not require an annual commitment. We offer one-time cleanings and quarterly cleanings for residential customers and commercial clients. We do not issue cancellation fees, but do require a minimum number of cleanings for quarterly and weekly subscriptions.
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Is the grey water retrieved in an eco-friendly way?

Yes, our customized cleaning rigs capture all grey water and take it to city recycling centers. There is zero run-off for residential and commercial clients.

Can I have extra bins cleaned?

Yes, we offer economical pricing for additional bins, depending on the frequency of cleaning.

What days are my bins cleaned?

Customers choose their preferred day, we recommend the day after your trash is emptied by the city.

What if there are city ordinances about leaving my bins on the street?

Depending on your city, most require residents to roll their bins near the house or garage.

Do I have to be at home for the bins to be cleaned?

Not at all. That’s the efficiency of our service, Bincense is 100% touch-free for the client. Clients register and schedule the service online, and receive an email notification after every cleaning.

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